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You don’t need that degree

You don’t need that $150 000 University degree. Everyone tells us as soon as we start high school that we need to get get a University degree if we want to succeed at life. I think this is a total fallacy and that piece of paper and all that knowledge you have spent 4+ years cramming into your head hasn’t given you that much of a jump start on life.

Now don’t get me wrong you need education, and there are many jobs like doctors and engineers that need that education. But unless one of these have been your lifelong dream I think you would be better off saving your money.

Now I have had a very different style of education for most of my life, middleschool I took a semesters worth of course material and studied on a beach. Highschool I was internet school, and I went to an accelerated course in a post secondary institution and got a certificate of technology in new media design and web development. However if I could go back in time I would have sat down in front of my computer for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for about 6 months and would be more knowledgeable in the areas of which I am interested.

With my online education in Highschool I learned to teach myself and motivate myself because there really was no one else there to make sure I passed highschool. I didn’t get straight A’s but in my eyes I did great and I wouldn’t go back and try harder if I had the chance, amazing grades aren’t important in my eyes.

Today there are so many avenues for us to educate ourselves that there is almost no point in paying for our education. Places like and give us endless learning opportunities, and most of these sites are free!

So if your thinking of applying for school really think about what exactly you want to do, and research to see if you could teach yourself these necessary skills.

Things to think about:
Most jobs will take experience over education.

Educators or preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist. How can they properly train us if they don’t know what they are training us for?

Colleges and Universities are teaching theory, and theory only works in theory.

Something worth giving a read.

Be playful online

As a community manager in several different communities for over a year now  a big thing that I have found in a many online communities is people are too worried about what they say. Mainstream media has put fear in the back of our heads so that whenever we do anything online because we fear we will say something wrong.

Now there is a line between having fun and joking with your community and accidentally saying that people in Detroit can’t f*cking drive.

Take the Boston Police twitter account for example, why would me (a person from Vancouver, BC) follow a police twitter account in Boston? Well because I saw this image online and I liked how they used humor in their favor. I am sure that someone on their police force thought this was very unprofessional of the community manager however I am sure all their followers thought it was hilarious.

Letting go and having fun can be tricky when you are marketing a brand and especially when you have a full branding and image team behind you reading every word. But community managers need to slowly push the boundaries and be a little cheeky, your fans will appreciate it and see that there is a person behind the scenes.

This is especially important if you community is attacked for something online, because if you fans know that there is a fun loving person behind the scene they will be more likely to defend the community than if they think there is a whole team behind the community.

Time to go Solar

I am not really one to talk about the worlds natural resources as I take the longest showers in history and I plan to drive gas powered vehicles until they are far outperformed by alternative energies, however I do strongly believe in solar energy and I think this infographic shows that we need to push more money into it.

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Once upon a time (the guys version)

I saw this earlier today and couldn’t help but share it.

CS Experience

This summer I was offered the opportunity to go to The Calgary Stampede for work, not something that I was going to turn down. I had been to the Stampede a few times before, but I was never old enough to truly enjoy the experience.

The build up
I decided that I had to go a couple weeks early to get settled in and catch up on sleep before the 10 days of fun in the sun. I was very mislead in thinking that I would be able to “catch up” on sleep. I ended up going to Buffalo Lake (Where I spent most of my childhood) and seeing some really old friends. Now everyone knows that you can’t see old friends without having a few drinks, and well if you know me a few drinks turns into a week long bender. So my long weekend which I thought would be time for my body to catch up with my lifestyle ended up tiring my body more.

When I returned to Calgary I managed to have a couple slightly mellow days before my college Helen joined me on the front lines. The first night (Sneak a Peak) of the Stampede was nothing but excitement, people were all in a fuss about the Royal couple being in the city and Sneak a Peak is a chance for people to get into the park at half price and experience some things before everyone else. That night I got to enjoy The Evening Show for the first time in my life, the choreography and skills involved in the show blew my mind.

The first night
After the first day of my 10 day workplayathon I had to run to catch up with a few people from Think! and part of the Stampede marketing department at Cowboys, they managed to get a good head start on the night as I had to deal with work just as we were about to run out. After jumping a few hoops to beat the lineup I was in to one of (in my opinion) the best western parties in the world. Whiskey shots and beer quickly blurred the night.

Family Day line management
Day 2 was mellow until the sun went down and the Think! team grabbed a hold of me. Ben and I ended up staying at Cowboys until 1 again which most nights I would call that an early night. However the next day I had to be at Stampede Park at 6:30 as I had volunteered to do Family Day line management. Basically everyone gets into the park for free between 6:30 and 9:30 and the first 20,000 people get a free breakfast. You might think 20,000, everyone will get fed but not when 70,000 people get through the gates.

I managed to make it down to the park in time. Kris and I at first were teamed up to direct people to the breakfast lane and make sure everyone had a breakfast ticket. The first hour I was wondering why everyone had told me it was chaos, but once I lost Kris in the crowd and was standing alone with my sign I understood what everyone was talking about. Thousands of people rushing through the gates trying to get a free pancake and sausage. Once all my tickets had been given out I caught up with Kris again and we managed to get on top of the agriculture building to take pictures of the thousands of people waiting in line.

One of my first Chuckwagon experience turned out to be one that I will never forget. Ben, Rodney and I had front row seats in the infield, we were so close that we had to watch out for mud being flown at us from the Chuckwagons turning barrel one. Of course this amazing view was quickly overshadowed when I was asked to join a few people in The Eye In The Sky which is the highest point in the grandstands and easily the best view you can ever get for the races.

Of course the Chuckwagon races had nothing on the Rodeo, 6 amazing events all stuffed into 4 hours every day of the Stampede. Every day we had a great view of the Rodeo, but the best view I was lucky enough to enjoy was from behind the shoots. You could see everything from the shoots, the bulls being loaded, the riders getting read to ride and the dust fly when the gates opened.

Barn Tour
Another great highlight of the trip was the opportunity to go into the Chuckwagon barns. We had a great tour guide and got to meet on of the drivers who showed us his racing horses. By far the best part of the barn tour however a drunk outride who wanted to put one of the marketing girls bareback on a Chuckwagon horse.

The Food
I think for some people the Stampede isn’t about the rodeo or the rides, but more about the food. The variety of food is a bit overwhelming. Deep fried Oreos, pop tarts, snickers, and onions were my favorite deep fried options, the strangest by far however was a tie between the doughnut burger and alligator pizza.

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