An extremely biased opinion:

We have all heard of memes, and we know the weight they pull in social media. And if you don’t then you have a new homework assignment:

I have seen some Facebook pages and twitter accounts using memes in their regular community management and I think it’s brilliant. People already have a personal connection to internet memes, so why not take advantage of that.

Cypress Mountain is one of my favourite examples, you can’t really be upset about the mountain not being open when they tell you like this. 

I took a bit of an educated gamble on the following post, before sending it out I looked at her profile and what she was talking about, luckily there was a couple memes in there, so I knew that she would find my response entertaining.

Before you start using memes on a regular basis make sure you know the whole story behind the meme, so that things don’t end up back firing on you.